Undentia ingår i samarbete med Cirrus-7 för utveckling av musik server. Press release på engelska:

Undentia AB announces collaboration with Cirrus-7 for the development of Silent PC music-server. 

 This joint effort of Undentia AB and Cirrus-7 evolved out of a need for a high quality reliable and silent music-server that can be used in professional audio environments, as well as high-end home audio installations. 

 ”Undentia’s core business exclusively focuses on integrated audio/video solutions. Every part and component in A/V-ecosystems must pass stringent testing and specifications, operating in demanding studio applications or high end audio setups where silence and reliability is crucial. 

We found, after thoroughly scanning the market for suitable products that the common ‘off the shelf product’ is not an option. Thus we decided turning to Cirrus-7 with our own specification-list for a new music-server. Cirrus-7 has a record of more than a decade of specializing in silent computers and as of lately media-servers. The in-house CAD and CNC capacity with speedy turn-around cycles made them an excellent partner”- says Dr. Jonte Takman, CEO of Undentia. 

 ”The end result of the painstaking process and development has taken this category to a new level. Much effort was invested in thermal management (apart from main CPU and GPU, even the SSD drives have heat dissipation heat-sinks mounted. Latest generation of processors, combined with fast memory and no moving parts, guarantees a fast and reliable as well as totally silent music server” explains the CEO of Undentia. 

 The founder and CTO of Cirrus-7, Felix Engemann says:

 ”Cirrus-7 Computing was founded in 2010, and specialized from the beginning in building innovative, silent and low-powered PCs. In 2013 the first fan-less, passively cooled model "Cirrus7 Nimbus" was released and became a huge success and won various design awards. In 2015 the company shifted from not only designing but also manufacturing the cooling enclosures on our own CNC-mills. The collaboration with Undentia led to us further refining and optimizing processes, highlighting our capacity to supply tailored solutions to the industry.”

 The Cirrus7-SE  is now available from Undentia AB and selected dealers. For further information visit Undentia’s homepage www.undentia.se